published: Mar-8-2013

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It is about Music and how to get the best possible sound using headphones without breaking the bank.

MAXIMUM performance with a MINIMAL amount of money spent and a bit of DIY efforts.

We attached a FORUM to this website where you can discus the articles on this site, ask questions or simply hang out.
Be sure to visit it, to post there you need to register.

do note this website is still under construction. More articles are yet to come yet so revisit us once in a while.

On the home page you can see what’s recently been added and/or changed/revised.

Note that mostly headphone-audio related gear is being discussed here which is a relatively very small niche in the audio market.

To get the best possible sound with the lowest amount of money that can compete with MUCH more expensive over the counter equipment you might  end up buying rather cheap audio equipment (headphones, amplifiers, players) but must modify them to get the most out of it.

DIY in this hobby segment means building and tinkering with electronic circuits and also all kinds of materials like damping materials such as wool, felt, rubber e.t.c.  The end result can be very rewarding.

NOPE … it won’t be exactly as good as the multi-thousand Dollars/Euros equipment out there but at least will be able to come very close in performance with enough efforts. We are here to HELP you achieve this.

If you are not willing/able to modify headphones, amplifiers e.t.c. you can find tips on what equipment in the cheaper segment will give the biggest bang for the buck.

So beside expensive equipment there will also be space for lower priced headphones on this website, it’s about VFM (Value For Money)!

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website RULES

Feel free to comment on the articles by using the ‘leave a reply’ boxes on the related pages (when possible) or use the forum. In both cases it means civilised language is to be used. Comments that are not deemed to be civilised according to the the website owners will simply be deleted. Discussing topics or making your point is best done in the attached FORUM to keep the number of replies manageable. The same simple rules apply there. Watch your language, and no trolling or denigrating remarks. These posts will magically disappear.

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  1. Israel Borouchoff says:

    Congratulations! I am delighted to know that this forum is now a reality, and confident that it will be a great one!

    All the Best!

  2. Jean-Pierre Lalonde says:

    Neutral sounding, an utopia?

    This is the most relevant and awesome reading I had about the subject. Really! Congratulations!!! You communicate the information very well. I do agree so much with the content, all of it, that was great to read! It answered many questions and though I had.

    Thank you so much!!!

  3. Shehan says:

    Hello!! I have got a question about the DIY upgrades for the MassdropxHIFIman HE 350, apart from the treble filter and bass mod, where exactly is the ‘centre hole open and the hole in the ring around the driver sealed’ and what material should I use to seal it? sorry for posting this here I couldn’t find another place to ask this question.

  4. Hifiman says:

    Hifiman HE5-LE filter (schematic) PDF format, 82kB — link is not OK

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