post separation

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post separation


post separation

  1. Hi guys,it looks good..

    Varmest regards

    but where is the forum ??, you need a forum I am to stupid to write articles for you..

  2. Solderdude says:

    Thanks Claus,

    For now we keep it this way. Maybe in the (far ?) future we could create a forum if and when the amount of comments grows.

  3. Hi Claus. Lovely to see you again.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Excellent site, I like the looks and layout!


  5. The Rabbit says:

    Hi Jeremy. Great to see you again.

  6. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for the welcome! Glad to be here and dig what you guys are doing. Very cool!

  7. Syd says:

    Its great you’re up and running! I’m looking forward to the repository of music reviews and technical articles growing and all in one easily found location.


  8. The Rabbit says:

    Hi Syd. It’s all go isn’t it? 😉 The site will grow once we have had time to get it all together so that there’s a tech info site and some real nitty gritty music recommendations too.



  9. The Rabbit says:

    It’ll grow once we get our teeth into it. It works a little differently from what we’re used to but perhaps a little more informative than yer usual places!!

  10. Hi guys (all who recognise me from other fora),
    I’m a bit like Claus (sory Claus!) in that I looked and failed to find a way of joining this ‘group’ as per other fora. If you think you can tolerate my numptie questions and apidly failing memory and hearing I’d like to feel welcome here. Can you bring yourselves to tolerate that? Wee they available, this post would be littered with smilies 😉 .

  11. The Rabbit says:

    Hi Dave. You don’t need to ‘join’. You’re in!! We have your comment and it’s a blog rather than a chat site. Not exactly sure how this will work in the long run yet. It depends on how many contributors appear I guess. We’ll worry about that when it happens. Anyway, a big welcome from Ian. 😉

  12. The Rabbit says:

    The chat forum is now up and running at:

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you sure? Just tried to follow that link and neither my username or e-mail address is being recognised – what’s up Doc?

  13. The Rabbit says:

    I’ll keep checking. Works for me, but hey, I’m Admin!!

    OK, I checked and logged in as a guest. It’s running for me. You may have tried to get in before I actually got it to open.

    If you try again, something might happen!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Ian, the problem may be (inadvertantly), with me (DaveK). It’s credited my comment to ‘anonymous’ which may have something to do with my details not being recognised. Have I been excommunicated already? 😉 .

  15. The Rabbit says:

    Great. I think it’s going now, Dave.

  16. FritzS says:

    Hi Soldertude,
    do we know each other from the RockGrotto Forum?

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