Who are we ?


post separation

I am one of the 3 admins (Frans) with the nickname ‘Solderdude‘. This nickname was given to me by a (late) good old friend called Herb. I design/build/test/repair/service opto-electronics (railroad related measurement equipment) for a living and have been in audio as a hobby starting from a young age.
Had been around in Audio-Video-TV repair for over 20 years before entering the world of optronics a few years back as a daily job. I live the Netherlands.

I’m another of the admins and I’m known elsewhere as the ‘Rabbit‘.
Not because of what rabbits are well known for, but because I’m able to rabbit on forever if left unrestrained!! I’m a musician and have a passion for all kinds of music.

I’m the third admin (Javier) and use different nicknames in different fora.
Not only do I love audio, but also video and computers.

You can contact us via the FORUM , by using the CONTACT FORM or by leaving a reply in the comment areas below the articles

post separation


  1. DrymDrum says:

    Hi boys………………..well considering my era………. yeah you’r all still boys……… I’m delighted that Syd has pointed me in this direction as I thought for a bit I’d lost two very informative blokes………of course the “Mad Hatter ain’t quite lost yet so that should read three very informative blokes. I look forward to joining in with whatever this forum gets up to in the future.
    Best Wishes, Alan

    • Hi Alan, so far so good. Still building the info sections but getting there. It’ll work in a different way to what many of us are used to but offers imo something quite different and unique in comparison to many others. Also let’s face it, the S dude is around which can’t be a bad thing for really good audio!!! Best wishes. Ian

  2. The Rabbit says:

    The chat section is just up and running now at


  3. Luke says:


    I’m on your site and i like it!

  4. A.Kin says:

    How can I register my account here? : )

  5. A.Kin says:

    How can I register my account here? thanks.

  6. Alex 666 says:

    Hey man I want to gift you $5 if you take donations, maybe you wanna put a PayPal button here.

    Coming from your Custom One Pro review and I am astonished by the detail that went into that. You may want to add the “Plus” to the title, almost didn’t click on the article because I was looking to buy the Plus, almost didn’t find your incredible website.

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