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Links to measurements of Superlux headphones

Superlux: HD562
Superlux: HD572-SP
Superlux: HD581 (proto)
Superlux: HD662-EVO
Superlux: HD671
Superlux: HD672
Superlux: HD 681
Superlux: HD 681-EVO
Superlux: HD685
Superlux: HD687
Superlux: HD688

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  1. hd says:

    Any experience with 662/662f, 572 models?

    • Solderdude says:

      I did own the HD662 a while ago (before having a measurement rig) but didn’t like it as much as the HD681 and HD668B.
      It had a weird tonality which I tried to get rid off, but couldn’t.
      Sold it again, Gave the HD668B away after a while.

      No experience with the HD572 (only HD572-SP), HD562 and the soon to be released HD581.
      In my experience none of the smaller Superluxes (HD5xx) sound even close to decent to ‘hi-fi’ oriented listeners.
      They are very cheap though and for the price the sound quality is usually on par with other cheap headphones or slightly above it.

  2. hd says:

    much appreciated for the reply! There is some measurements of 662 clones
    (not sure what model /f?).
    It’s hard to find plots of 662/b/f/ models.

    Can you elaborate on ‘weird tonality’…

    662(without mods) seems less harsher in the highs, than stock 681?
    Are you remember how low 662 can go.
    also, how they compare to 681(stock) in the sub bus region(40-60 hz) /bass, mids..

    • Solderdude says:

      Looks like the HD271 will be closer to the HD662-F which is a bass-shy version.
      The HD662 has more bass but not as ‘tight’ as the HD681.

      The sound as a whole did not sound as ‘forward’ and ‘open’ as I would like. Some ‘cuppy-ness’ and poorer bass quality and different treble where the main issues for me.

      The stock HD681 had more bass and of better quality than HD662 (from memory).
      The stock HD681 I found not listen-able without modifications, the original HD662 was listen-able but didn’t sound as forward.
      The bass on the HD681 was deeper and tighter than HD662.

  3. hd says:

    Is there a chance to see other models of superlux’s measured?

    thank you very much for the answers!
    Seriously, appreciated your replies.

    • Solderdude says:

      Not unless Superlux (or someone else) sends me headphones to measure.
      Currently have a pre-production HD581 for tests here.
      Not impressed …

      To me the cheaper models are not interesting, don’t think these have high SQ.
      Currently the only interesting model is the HD662-EVO.
      Hoping the HD668B-mkII will be available which may be interesting.

  4. hd says:

    Is 662 evo suitable for mixing?

    seems 662 evo, no more packed with velour pads…

    • Solderdude says:

      Not suited for mixing. You will end up with too little bass is in final mix.
      Monitoring… yes.
      Evaluating the final mix… yes.

      For mixing on headphones (when not possible using near field monitors) I would only consider the DT250-250 and when using open headphones the HD600.

      The HD662-EVO should come with velourspads (packed in the box) and have a felt disc on the driver itself.

  5. hd says:

    check specs of 662 evo..

  6. hdblk says:

    This is about velour pads. I don’t see mention that v.pads comes packed in the box(from superlux site). Sorry about that, being not native language i try packing comments as short as possible.

  7. hdblk says:

    as far as i remember hd-330 and 660 models had velour pads too(?). but now, leatherette.
    Also, (according to v.pads of 681-evo’s mentioned under ‘optionable replacement part’…
    seems v.pads are gone.

    • Solderdude says:

      AFAIK the HD330 and HD660 were sold (and are still sold) with pleather pads only.
      The few pictures I found all clearly had Beyerdynamic pads fitted or K240 pads.

      The HD681-EVO, HD562 and HD662-EVO are the only ones that have both pleather and velours pads (they call them velvet).
      All I can say is that in the past all of these headphones I bought all had ‘velvet’ pads included. These were bought from Thomann.
      The folks who bought them and are active on the forum are using them with the supplied velvet pads.

  8. Solderdude says:

    I just received a mail from Superlux about this (I asked them) and they replied:

    HD681EVO and HD662EVO are still including Velvet pads. Velvet pads are still in our standard package.

    But we still have selling velvet pads and leather pads only. So our websites put those for optional.

  9. hdblk says:

    OK. nice.., that velvets still in the package. thank you for the info.

  10. donjoe0 says:

    Any plans to measure the 668Bs (mk1)? I saw the claim in the forum that modded 662-Evos become better than 668Bs, but that would be much easier to believe if I could see graphs of both measured in the same way. 🙂

    ‘cos according to existing measurements the 668Bs are really “somethin’ else”, for that price range, which is probably why they have so many fans and good reviews. (And I’m starting to suspect from the lack of any news in 1 year+ that the mk2 isn’t coming anymore.)

  11. Solderdude says:

    I don’t think a 668b mkII is in the cards. I asked Superlux several times but they never mentioned they were working on it. Maybe it got scrapped or sidetracked or put in the fridge for now.

    Owned the HD668B for a while. If I still had it I would measure it.
    To me the HD668B was a boring headphone and gave it away so for me it wasn’t something else.
    Preferred the (modified) HD681 over it.
    Maybe now I would appreciate it more than back then.

    It was just another mediocre headphone and not very comfortable to me (with the wings) even though the wings on the HD668B worked better for me than the original AT wings.

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