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DT990 Pro 250The over-ear (circum-aural) headphone has pads that rest on the head and AROUND the ears (pinnae). These are the most comfortable ones but may get quite hot in warm whether.

Another type of headphone, but a quite rare one, is the ear-speaker that do not seal around the ears but sortoff hang next to them or the sound is coming from . Quite large and need a lot of power. These headphones do not have deep bass extension and cannot have it because of acoustic ‘rules’ that prevent that.t is to look for websites that perform their own measurements.


A headset is another variation and is basically a normal headphone with a microphone attached. Circumaural headsets are often used by gamers.

Open, closed or semi closed(or semi open) headphone types exist and it is important to decide which one you want/need. Open headphones (earbuds as well) leak sound to the outside world and let sounds from the outside in and certainly the cheaper versions could sound better to most. Semi-closed headphones leak less sounds to the outside world and let in some some as well but noticeably less than fully open ones. Closed headphone are literally closed and they leak far less if any sound to the outside world and also let in little to almost no sound from the outside world. Not every type does this equally well (mostly caused by the pads (cushions)) and if you want maximum isolation it is wise to look around. Cheaper closed headphones can exhibit a ‘cuppy’ sound. The better ones can sound equally good as it’s open cousins.

Review of Sennheiser PXC450 – noise cancelling headphones.

Review of Sennheiser RS160 – wireless headphone by Jeff.

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