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Rock & Pop

Because the sound quality of the same album but with another release date, label or remaster can vary considerably and you are interested in a particular album (can be almost any album) and want to know which edition has the best possible sound quality click on THIS link and you are directed to Dynamic Range Database. Fill in the artist/album and see which of the releases sounds the best.

post separation

  1. TommyB says:

    There’s an excellent tool for analyzing how songs have been mastered, for example if the dynamic range has been altered. Makes you realize how much better some of your records could have sounded…

    It’s free and has a user guide in English (it was created by a Swedish guy). And no, I have nothing to do with this software.


    • The Rabbit says:

      Hi Tommy,

      Do you know the name of this software? Also, how does it work out how it’s been ‘altered’?

      • TommyB says:


        It is called MasVis and can be downloaded from the link above.

        I should have used a better word than ‘altered’. What I meant was that the program will show you if a song has had it’s dynamic range compressed/reduced (sorry, not sure which word to use in English…). Basically, it will tell you if the cd has been mastered to take part in the loudness war or not…

        For example, here are links to two different cd versions of a Beach Boys album, one from 1989, one from 2012: (more songs, and track 1 and 2 are at the end of the list, for some reason)

        As one can see, on the version from 1989 the dynamic range varies between 17 and 19 dB (roughly), while on the 2012 version, the dynamic range varies between roughly 13 and 15 dB.

        For a more thorough guide to the different graphs and what they show I recommend reading this site:


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