As I’ve got older, I’ve begun to appreciate folk music more and more. The sheer variety available all over the world and how it has begun to influence rock music as well as rock music influence it.

The old traditional folk where old fat bearded men put a finger in their ear while they sang has passed and we now have some fabulous folk bands around alongside the more traditional stuff.

Music that also includes elements from other areas of music; especially rock. The Albion Band come to mind and of course, the wonderful Fairport Convention in the UK. Two great British folk/rock bands that have been going for a long time now and matured into something quite amazing.

I also like bands like, The Owl Service and SWAP. The Imagined Village are a particular favourite of mine and some might question whether they are still ‘folk’ music.

Of course, we also have the orchestral composers in the UK like Vaughan Williams and Percy Granger who started a huge collection of folk tunes and went around the country writing them down in notation for posterity.

It’s a wide variation of music for the people.

In the review section you can find reviews of interesting albums in this genre.

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