Rock & Pop

This section of music is so wide and varied, it’s difficult to know where to start.

We have yer everyday pop music, so often scorned by hi fi people but I am most definitely not a musical snob. I believe in listening to everything I can with an open mind and use my ‘musical’ intelligence to decide what I really feel about it.

I have worked in the commercial world of pop music myself and know the pressures and stupidities very well. I have since turned my back on this area of music, but I still understand and respect what is being done. In fact, some commercial stuff is actually very good and underestimated imo.

Then we have the ‘serious’ stuff. Yer progressive rock. I love this music although at one time, I did actually turn my back squarely towards the use of guitars in rock music. I spouted about the future of pop and rock being electronic and computer based. In retrospect, I may have been wrong, but when I’m gone, I may be eventually proved right!! Who knows. However, my interest lies very much in progressive rock music in that I really admire the many attempts at longer compositions based on very often, classical techniques.

We can also include electronic stuff as well. No problem with that at all.

Can I say that I need to emphasise that I am NOT a musical snob. I like commercial music as well as progressive or whatever. Room for all imo and that’s the way it should be.

Your musical tastes does not make you stupid. Stand up for what you like and don’t be ashamed!!

Where to start listening? It’s all over the place. The trouble is, every time I’ve ever mentioned a band or something that I took a fancy to on other sites, there has always been someone who pipes in with something along the lines of … what about ….. you missed them!! Can’t do it all.

This is a huge area and so widely varied. I’m always open to new suggestions however.

A few to get you going – YELLO, Thomas Dolby, The Orb, Shpongle, Spock’s Beard, The Tangent, Human League, whatever you like ……

In the review section you can find reviews of interesting albums in this genre.


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