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Cosmograf is a really interesting prog rock band with a thoughtful concept album concerning the idea of ‘high achievement’ being a product of deep unhappiness. The man Left in Space is a brilliant album.

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Deep Purple – Concerto for Rock Group & Orchestra

There are currently three versions of this concerto available:

a) The original in the Albert Hall with Malcom Arnold conducting – full of trepidation…. panic if you like, but exciting.
b) A remake by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and Mann is again, live and contains that excitement of live playing.
c) Jon Lord’s studio recording. Much more under control and containing more controlled dynamics. Great for hearing it properly. The rock band is a bit squeaky clean but I really like it!! The balance between the orchestra and rock band is way better and the whole thing is much clearer rhythmically. (Also, much better thought out solo sections imo)

Which one you prefer is a matter of taste. Two live versions with Deep Purple themselves and a studio version.

My own opinion is mixed – If you are a deep purple lover, I guess the original or second would be perhaps best. For the musician, I connect with the studio version would you believe? It’s the clarity and hearing everything in time and better balanced, although at times, the rock band do sound as though they could have been recorded at a different time separately!!

This version was recorded in 2012 and Jon managed to complete it before he passed away. He was a very talented musician, dedicated to his work and a real gent.

This review is of version B.

Deep Purple, Concerto for Orchestra

Here’s how I made the decision between the three:

Which Version is the Best then?

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Deep Purple – Now What? Their new album, dedicated to Jon Lord and heads in slightly new directions with Don Airey now on keyboards, using some elements of Jon’s old style and introducing some of his own too.

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The Enid is a wonderful British prog rock band that sounds almost ‘orchestral’ and were formed in 1974

Their latest album Invicta is a great introduction to this band.

The Enid - Fri 9 September 2011 -0049

The Enid – Fri 9 September 2011 -0049 (Photo credit: The Queen’s Hall)

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Spock’s Beard, an American Prog Rock band featuring big sounds and plenty of ‘stunt guitar’.  

Rabbit’s review of: Spock’s Beard, Brief Nocturnes & Dreamless Sleep

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Tinyfish a superb British Prog Rock band. Understated but great songwriters and arrangers.

Tinyfish in 2009 (l-r) Jim Sanders, Paul Worwo...

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Yello is a top notch band. Top notch examples of electronic music taken to the edge of the technology of the time.

Reviews of ALL of YELLO Albums

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  1. zxaura says:

    thank you for introducing me the Enid. Invicta is a great album.

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