published: JMar-9-2013 updated: Aug-24-2018

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In the subsections you can find schematics, articles and information about several subjects.

The HEADPHONE section contains schematics of passive and active filters as well as articles about headphones with modification guides.

The AMPLIFIER section contains various schematics of commercial amplifiers and some designs by Solderdude. Also there are articles about various amplifier designs.

The VARIOUS section contains schematics and articles that do not ‘fit’ in the former 2 categories.

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If YOU (the reader/future contributor) have any schematics or documented projects you feel deserve a place on this forum please contact us. This website is not intended to promote commercial products unless they have a strong synergy with the purpose of this website… high quality, DIY, low priced products and after approval of the admins. We welcome all kinds of, related to the topics of this website, DIY projects as long as they do not fall in the ‘snake-oil’ categories which is to be determined by the admins if it is or isn’t the case. So special stones or miracle things or components that work ‘magic’ on perceived SQ are not ‘allowed’ unless backed up with some sound scientific proof.

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I stumbled upon the website of the slow DIY-er which has some nice ‘standard’ projects.Fun to read and a variety of (well known) schematics

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