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In this section you can find articles containing detailed information about some topics related to (headphone) audio most of them are written by Solderdude unless stated otherwise.

Technical articles, tutorials

Some information/thoughts about burn-in and break-in

Information about Power supplies, Common mode issues, rectifiers, transformers, ground e.t.c.

Information about power levels, efficiency and impedance of headphones

Some basics about deciBells and how we perceive changes therein

A tutorial about how to interpret all those headphone graphs and plots (still under construction)

Information about the implications of the findings of Fletcher-Munson on our sound experience and electronic equipment.

What is ‘neutral sound‘ and is it desirable ?

Crossfeed some info.

How to connect your headphone to a speaker amplifier with a home made adapter.

Some basics about cables.

Below other interesting links related to audio

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An unbelievable amount of online calculators related to audio can be found on this (German) Sengpiel audio website

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  1. bob murphy says:

    can you tell me how to download music to my mp3 player

  2. John says:

    excellent site

  3. Paul Couzens says:

    Just want to say thanks, i stumbled on this site looking for something else but ive ended up spending a good few hours reading and ive now actually learned how to understand the various readings and how to properly describe sound.

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