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On this page headphones and other equipment that were bought (usually 2nd hand) for testing purposes, curiosity and some stock articles are up for sale.
With the (usually only partly) recovered funds I can buy and measure other stuff.

This is not a webshop so when interested in something you need to contact me (solderdude) or by filling in the contact form.


Kameleon PCB’s

Built filter modules for Kameleon (on request) around € 15.-

prices of bare (not populated) PCB’s  & boards in stock (Jan 2019):

Kameleon in-line board (black) = 9.10 now € 8.30                in stock: 14
Kameleon 2.1 amplifier board (black) =  € 7.10     in stock: 11
Power supply board
for Desktop Kameleon = € 12.30            in stock: 1
Filter Module PCB (SMD, black) =  € 1.70               in stock: 46
Crossfeed Module PCB (SMD, green) = € 4.60       in stock: 5
Kameleon v 1.0 board =
now  € 3.00                     in stock: 3
Filter Module PCB (TH, green) = € 1.00                 in stock: 13 (not suited for inline Kameleon)

Comes with bag, airplane adapter and 6.3mm adapter. A different cable than the original ones is supplied with it. The current cable is 1.2m long and dual entry.
The reason for this is that the cable that runs through the headband is broken so it cannot be used with the original single sided entry cables. Both drivers have been replaced with new drivers as well. In good cosmetic condition. Excellent sound quality.
For € 125.-


Original NAD VISO HP50 cables (one with mic/remote for Apple) for sale.
€ 15.- (incl. shipping)

Beyerdynamic DT1350 (with Nubuck leather pads + carrying pouch for € 110.- and (optional) a dedicated FR-corrected portable amplifier for €25.- extra)

Pioneer SE-305 (vintage coconut) for € 15.-


Jays- V-Jays (with extra pads + filter for € 19.-, when sold with a set of HD25 pads + adapters for € 15.- extra). This headphone is similar-ish to PX100 / PortaPro



post separation