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Ausdom: ANC7
Ausdom: M05

post separation

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  1. nwavguy says:

    I appreciate these graphs but the one for the ATH-M40X is differs immensely from the actual sound response. If I EQ per this graph, it sounds hollow and icky, akin to a telephone transducer. I will stick to HeadRoom’s and Changstar’s until these are made more accurate and precise.

    • Solderdude says:

      Tyll hasn’t measured the ATH-M40X yet and the CS measurements are mine.
      Perhaps product variation or seal is the culprit here…
      AFAIK these plots are the only ones of ATH-M40X I know of.

      These plots are made without a really accurate calibration, neither are those from Tyll (wrong compensation but proper test rig) nor those from Marv, UB or Hans. The latter 3 are all non accurately calibrated rigs that, like my plots, give you an ‘idea’ of what to expect.
      None of us claim the plots are accurate in an absolute sense but the plots can be used for comparisons amongst our own measurements unless people change calibration over night.

      It’s NOT NwaAvGuy type of science you know … measuring acoustics.

  2. TK says:

    how do you modify Ausdom M05 pads?

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