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Below a collection of articles with technical explanations and answers to the most frequently asked questions in the fascinating world of headphone audio

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HOW to interpret all those headphone graphs, plots and numbers.. a short crash course

An article on how to get rid of treble peaks in headphones that are troubled by this

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Ever wondered HOW much power do you actually need for your headphone?
How much voltage and/or current is needed and.. how loud can your headphone actually play ?

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What’s the relation between resistance and impedance and how will this affect the sound ?

In most forums there is lots of speculation, information and above all MIS-information about output resistances of amplifiers, impedances of headphones, cables and how they relate.
The biggest problem is there are facts and fiction mixed and spread over large quantities of posts. This makes it very difficult to discriminate between facts and nonsense.
The article resistance, impedance and other issues  covers a lot of often asked questions and puts them in an (I hope for most) understandable context.
It will let you catch up on some basics on resistance, impedance, damping factor, output resistance, cables.

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How to tell if a power supply is noisy ?

I know a lot of DIY’ers are always wondering about how quiet their power supply rail(s) is/are.
Power supply is rather ‘grey’ area where lots of facts , fiction and assumptions create opinions.
Rarely are any measures performed by DIY’ers (except for DC voltage levels) or understand the implications or
influence of the power supply on the amplifier circuits it feeds.

There are a few ways to check how well a power supply behaves and what the influence on the sound may be.
Read how to check your power supply for noise .

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ARTA setup guide by Blue Monkey Flyer (BMF)

Very handy and useful guide for setting up ARTA for headphone measurements.
ARTA is a very nice alternative or can be used alongside REW as a measurement suite.
To be able to download REW you are required to register at Home Theater Shack.
Both programs (Windows) have nice features and both offer similar measurements as well as they complement each other because both programs do things slightly different.
Most measurements on this website have been done with REW.

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