Passive headphone filters


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Some headphones have an audible treble peak or too much bass/warmth.
For some headphones this can be addressed using a passive filter that connects between the source (amplifier, DAP, Phone etc.) and the headphone itself.
Only some headphones can be improved with a passive filter.
These filters may be interesting for those who also hear (and are bothered by) the effects the filter in question addresses. Those that are not bothered by it should not consider one of these filters as it may take away exactly that which one likes.

Each filter is purpose made for a specific headphone (see list below) and can NOT be used for other headphones. There thus is no ‘universal’ filter.

Passive filters can ONLY attenuate. (Substantial) peaks in frequency response are far more sound degrading than dips. This is what these filters do they remove emphasis and bring it down to the proper level.

The picture below shows what built filters looks like. filters 6.3

For those who don’t want or can’t make passive inline filters (for in the headphone cable) themselves and don’t know someone nearby that can make one for them I offer the opportunity to have your filter of choice custom made by me (solderdude).

The filters are not available from stock so it may take a while before I have time to make you one. It could take 1 or 2 weeks before it can be shipped. Parts may not always be on stock which can increase the waiting period before it is delivered.
There is no obligation to buy when contacting me.

Since I buy parts in small quantities from E.U. sellers and everything is hand-built by me I cannot offer these filters for Chinese-made prices alas nor offer Chinese shipping costs.


The used cable brand is Sommer Cable (Germany). It is a good quality cable and only available in red. No other cables are available also not on request.
Various lengths can be ordered, the minimum length is 25cm.

There are only a few type of 3.5mm and 6.3mm connectors available which are listed below. No other brands or types of connectors will be used.

Everything is handmade so can have some cosmetic impurities/flaws here and there.
This is not a factory made product with subsequent pricing.

The filters alone cost between € 15.- and € 28.- depending on the used connectors. (shipping costs are NOT included).
There are a few shipping options available. Prices for shipping need to be added and range from € 5.- to € 25.- depending on weight, registered or not and destination.

Payment is due when the filter is about to be shipped. Within EU IBAN bank transfer is possible as well as PayPal.
Because of PayPal fees the price will be about 4% higher when paid with PayPal.
Outside the EU payments using PayPal is the only option (payment in Euros).

There is no receipt with VAT nor other material specifications. Building these filters is a labour of love (costs a lot of time to make it).
Some parts may not be on stock which can increase the waiting time before it is finished.
As I order parts in small quantities only (within Europe) prices, alas, are not ‘Chinese’ nor are the shipping costs I am afraid. Allow some time for the filter(s) to be made.

how does this work

This is not a webshop so when interested in a (listed) filter you need to contact me (solderdude) or fill in the contact form.

What I need to know are the following things:

  1. The filter you need. (choose from the list of available filters below)
    The filter parts incl. assembly but excl. connectors and shipping is € 12.- filter options.png
    when you want a specific or custom filter made for a not listed headphone simply contact me.

  2. Which (male) plug you want (the plug that goes into the amplifier/player/phone).
    You can choose from this list of available connectors only.connectors pricing plugs

  3. The cable length you want (min. 25cm) in meters (€ 1.60 / meter)

  4. The (female) socket you want (where your headphone plug goes into)
    You can choose from this list of available connectors only.connectors pricing sockets
    On request 4-pin XLR is possible but these connectors I do not keep in stock.
    Note: I do not have any goldplated 6.3mm TRS sockets.

  5. The preferred shipping method (your choice, discuss this in e-mail):

    regular, not tracked, not insured  (price depends on weight)
    sent in a bubble envelope = € 6.10 for 3.5mm adapter orders,
    or € 9.90 when 6.3mm connectors are used (weight > 100gr.).

    signed for with track & trace and insured (price depends on weight)
    sent in a bubble envelope = € 13.50 (within E.U.) or € 18.50 (rest of the world)
  6. Your name, address, e-mail etc.

  7. The preferred payment method.
    IBAN (within E.U.), when using PayPal (add 3.5% + €0.35)

Again, as this is not a webshop there is no ‘buy now’ or ‘order’ button.
You need to contact me via e-mail or use the contact form and simply tell me what you are looking for or want to know.

Filter schematics for DIY’ers

Below the filter schematic for the Edition Xv2, Edition XX, HE-400S and AnandaFILTER Edition XX

Below the filter for the NAD VISO HP50filter schematic

Below the filter for 1More Triple Driver Over Ear Headphones.

1MTDOE filter schematic

Below the filter for Beyerdynamic Amiron Home, DT1770 (when fitted with DT 770 pads)  and DT1990

DT1990 filter schematic

Below the filter for the Master & Dynamic MH40


Below the filter for the early (silver) Takstar Pro 82. (not for the black version)

Pro82 old filter

Below the filter for the Sennheiser HD58X and HD660S


Below the filter for the AKG K812K812 filter schematic

The filter below is for the HD800 and can not be used with the HD800S.
It only lowers the 6kHz peak which is the most annoying one for some owners.

HD800 filter schematic

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